North Star


What is your “grand goal in living”?
What is the one goal that you are unwilling to sacrifice to attain other goals?
If you don’t know your one goal, you might not see your North Star yet.
Without a North Star, despite all your efforts, successes and satisfactions, there is a danger that you will mislive, meaning that there is a chance you would have chased ferociously and with an unparalleled work ethic, the wrong thing.

It is easy to chase the wrong thing, it is easy to do the right thing for the wrong reason, it is ironically simpler to work hard without thinking whether what you are doing is really what you should be doing.

“What you do is more important than how you do it, doing something well doesn’t make it more important” – Tim Ferris

One way to avoid this counter productive path is to replace the objective of the game, i.e. replace goals with purpose.

“You should no longer aim for the North Pole, you should aim for the North Star” – Oki Matsumoto.

A North Start is a vision, a Philosophy of Life, a guiding force that continuously aligns your efforts.  A goal is just a goal; it must be reached, and once that occurs, it will be replaced, again and again, to a new destination, which might be pushing you further away from your North Star.

Your North Star, or Philosophy of Life, should be your grand goal of living.  Still don’t know what it is?

Fast forward to your old age, why would the prospect of death frighten you?

This is the ultimate test, isn’t it?

“Death – no one has ever played the philosopher longer” – Seneca

Some might be scared by what comes after, but I am sure many more will be scared because they fear they have misliven, that is, when they came to die, discover that “they had not lived.” Walden – Henry David Thoreau

The person with a North Star will know what in life is worth attaining, and because this person has spent their time trying to attain the thing in life they believed to be worth attaining, they have probably attained it, to the extent that it was possible for them to do so. Consequently, when it comes time for him to die, he will not feel cheated.

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