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In this post, I summarise some of my notes on the work of Rachel Botsman on Trust. Botsman is the co-author of ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’, which was part of the inspiration behind one of my previous posts (The Sharing Economy – link). She has equally interesting TED talks in sharing...

Blockchain Lottery

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Here’s a piece that I took out from the previous post to further expand: How can we reach consensus between parties that don’t necessarily know each other, definitively don’t trust each other and might very well be untrustworthy? Let’s start with what we have today, a traditional transaction (A to B) usually...

Blockchain: Hype or Radical innovation?

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In the past year interest in blockchain has soared (see Google trends), VC funding in Blockchain breached the 1bn milestone, 500mln only in 2015 but we still have to see familiarity with this technology across the financial industry. The goal of this article is to try, according to my own understanding, to address the opening...